Tuesday 9 January 2024

Ou-kleintjie Caving Trip 14 January 2024

Good day everyone. For the January caving trip this upcoming Sunday the 14th we will be doing Oukleintjie, were we will be introducing the first annual SEC treasure hunt!
Thanks to AJ for sponsoring the prize (a GoPro), which he hid in the Cave so well that he doesn't even know where it is. Second prize is the torch that Dylan dropped on my face (condition unknown... buried under rocks, the torch not Dylan. Although his fate is also unknown).

The cave is somewhat visitor friendly- involves crawling, a ladder and bouldering. Meeting time and place will be at Oaktree garage at 09:00 on 14th January. Visitor fees are R100 per person.
Please PM me if interested in joining, there are limited spaces.
Regards Edmund.
(Note: I've been advised by my lawyer to say that the treasure hunt prize is purely satirical and that the GoPro belongs to AJ, we still have to find it though)

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