Thursday 12 December 2013

Scramblers Cave

By André Doussy 12 December 2013

On 8 December 2013 a large team of cavers were assembled at the entrance to the cave at about 08h30: Steven Tucker, Dave Ingold, Irene Kruger, Allen Herweg, Rick Hunter, Zoë Rosen, Sam Gibson, Veronica van der Schyff, Ashley Kruger, Pete Kenyon, Esti Van Der Westhuizen and myself. There were also three others whose names I don't recall.

Friday 6 December 2013

Rising Star Expedition Finds over 1,000 Hominid Fossils

By Dave Ingold 6 December 2013

A three-week expedition was mounted this past November after cavers from the South Africa's Speleological Exploration Club stumbled upon hominid fossils.

Sunday 1 December 2013


Edited by André Doussy 1 December 2013
Based on the original words of Ruth Stasiak - Ode to Dragon's Breath Cave

From deep in the back of an adventurous mind
The thought of Westminster - what will we find
Let's gather some people, equipment and food
Return to those caves, they're going to be good.

Monday 25 November 2013

View of the Cave Troll

By Rick Hunter 25 November 2013

My take on the journey into darkness.

Sitting here as the gatekeeper between two worlds–

The thoroughfare seems almost pedestrian from what was once perceived as an impassable barrier to time forgotten, and has now become the daily commute of only a chosen few.

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Rising Star Expedition

By Steven Tucker 13 November 2013

Today, two months ago - on Friday the 13th of September, Rick Hunter and I (members of the Speleological Exploration Club) explored a remote section of the Rising Star cave system. Before we entered the cave, Rick Hunter had the following status update: "I have a good feeling this Friday the 13th. Time for fun and adventure. And of course hopefully new discoveries. All cameras are charged and lights are ready. Hammers, chisels, gloves, boots and overalls. This is a deep underground rock session." His prediction proved accurate. Whilst we had gone in search of an extension to the cave, what we did find was much more significant, hominid fossils!

Tuesday 2 April 2013

SEC Cavers Sink to New Depths in South Africa's Deepest Cave

By Dave Ingold 2 April 2013
Looking across Armageddon's 20 metre (65 foot) wide entrance hole.
A sinkhole first discovered in the '90s has, since January this year, yielded new passages leading off from a massive chamber