Monday 4 December 2017

Stinkhole - 10 December 2017

Hey everyone,

Caving trip to Stinkhole Cave on 10th December.
Meet at 09:00 at the corner of the N12 and R28.
-26.342006, 27.672927

It is an SRT cave, but limited numbers of visitors are welcome to join.

Please let me know if you are interested. Also let me know if you need gear.

083 2120817

Thursday 30 November 2017

Chimanimani & meetlist for 2018

Hello everyone,
We are planning a trip to the Chimanimani mountains in Zimbabwe at the end of September 2018.
The first priority is to explore the newly discovered Tartarus Cave. A huge sinkhole entrance only briefly explored with no end in sight!
There are also many unexplored surface fissures and various boulder chokes deep underground which need to be pushed.
Lastly, there is an easy to open blowing hole at the bottom of Mawenge Mwena, the deepest cave in Southern Africa. Could this blowing hole lead down another 300 meters to the resurgances?
There is plenty of planning needed for this expedition, so even though it is months away, please let me know if you are interested.
For the rest of 2017 and first half of 2018:
A trip is done once a month on the second Sunday of the month. Extra trips are done on an ad-hoc basis and a few long-weekend trips to other provinces and countries are also organized throughout the year.
There will also be rescue practises every second month. 
  • 10 December – Stinkhole – Steven Tucker
  • 14 January  - Wonderfontein - John Dickie
  • 11 February - Nico's II - Steven Tucker
  • 11 March - Hidden Cave - Karin Human
  • 21 March - Gobholo Cave in Swaziland - John Dickie
  • 8 April - Chaos Cave - John Dickie
  • 13 May - Nick's Cave
  • 10th June - Dripkelder Cave
  • 24 September - Chimanimani in Zimbabwe - John Dickie & Steven Tucker
Please note: These are proposed dates – final details will be sent out closer to the time. Caving trips additional to those above will also be notified via these avenues.

Contact the Meet leader to arrange to join a trip or find out more info on a trip.
Looking forward to a great year of exploration!
Steven Tucker
083 212 0817

Monday 20 November 2017

Chaos Cave - 26 November

Trip to Chaos Cave, close to Potchefstroom.

SRT proficient members only.

Talk to John Dickie if you are interested. 073 985 8068.

Tuesday 7 November 2017

Monthly Club caving trip

Cave: Scrambler cave.

Meet at Oaktree garage N14
Sunday 12 November at 9:00
Visitors: If you are not afraid of hights and climbing, you are welcome to join.
Visitor Price: R100

Let me know if you need any gear.

Gerrie - 078 423 4261

Monday 9 October 2017

SEC AGM - 21 October

Dear SEC Members
We hope to see you ALL at the upcoming AGM on Saturday 21 October.
12.00  Rope refresher course, SRT training.
14.00  AGM
15.00  Social and braai
We will have feedback and trip reports at the AGM and anyone with photos or anything to share, please do so.
Please RSVP for the AGM and the braai as SEC will be catering.  Family welcome.  Just bring drinks.
Sunday 22 October – SRT Caving Trip
John Dickie
SEC Chairman
073 985 8068

Monday 2 October 2017

Bat Cave & Apocalypse Cave

Hi everyone,
Two caving trips coming up this weekend.
Friday night, 6 October, Bats Cave. Go find the pretties, some tight squeezes, meeting time depends on the responses. Meet at 19:00 at Oak Tree Garage to avoid traffic, but can start earlier if people are interested. Visitors are welcome to join. RSVP to Sharron at 082 553 5258. Let Sharron know if you need any gear.
Sunday, 8 October, 09:00 Apocalypse Cave to head over Glen's Mudwalls and assess the blowing hole at the end of the passage. SRT proficient members only. RSVP to John at 073 985 8068. Meet at the cave.

Wednesday 20 September 2017

Luiperds Mine Survey - 30 September

Hello everyone,

The Vredefort area has some interesting large old gold mines and we're heading to one of them on the 30th of September to survey it.

Previously we mapped 460 meters of mine passages, but there are five vertical shafts into the cave and two shafts going down into lower levels which need to be explored and mapped.

There are also another 8 possible entrances to other mines which haven't been looked at all.

If you're keen on surveying or want to learn how, this is a perfect trip for you!

Meet at 09:00 at the Venterskroon Inn. -26.887915° & 27.267867°

Members only. Bring SRT gear.

No braai afterwards, but probably a drink or two at the inn.

Let me know if you are joining at 083 212 0817.



Wednesday 13 September 2017

SEC AGM 2017

The SEC AGM will be held on the 21st October 2017 at John & Selena's place.

Below is the suggested agenda for the AGM. 

SEC AGM Agenda

Below is a proxy to be completed if you cannot attend the AGM.


Monday 4 September 2017

Hidden Cave 10 September

Sunday 10 Sept caving at Hidden in Carltonville. Meet 9am at service station on R500 just north of Carltonville. Suitable for beginners, one squeeze and a ladder climb. Visitor fee R100. Please let Karin Human know if you are going. Braai after caving so bring something.

Friday 28 July 2017

Cave rescue practise - 5 August


There is a cave rescue practise session on th 5th of August. Venue to be confirmed.

Will be mostly focussed on in cave rigging.

Meet at 08:30 at Oak Tree Garage.

Visitors are welcome.

If I haven't spoken to yet and you want to join let me know on 083 212 0817.



Mpumalanga Caving Weekend - 9th August

Hello everyone,

Coming up over the long weekend in August is a caving trip to Mpumalanga in the Ohrigstad/Blyde River Canyon area.

Caves will include Serunecjar, Matibidi Caves, Dustbin and possible others.

Plan is to arrive through the day on the 9th of August.
Cave on the 10th, 11th and 12th and drive back on the 13th.
If anyone wants to do a quick caving trip on the 9th or 13th, we could probably fit that in too.

Accommodation at Swadini Forever Resort. Please book your accommodation.

Please let me know if you are joining or need more info.

083 212 0817

Tuesday 25 July 2017

Apocalypse - 29th July

Good afternoon everyone,

John is organising a trip to Apocalypse on Saturday the 29th of July.

Meet at the cave entrance at 09:00.

SRT members only.

Contact John if you need details (073 985 8068)

Tuesday 4 July 2017

Caving Sunday 9th July

Caving on Sunday will be at Boons now called Weltevreden .. unfortunately there is an entrance fee as this is used by the farmer as a commercial cave. So cost for visitors is R100.00 and members R75.00. meeting at Magallies SPAR at 9am. Please let me know by Friday if you will join as I need to let the farmer know numbers. This is an easy walk in cave with lots to go play in. There are toilet facilities outside the cave and a boma for the braai afterwards. Sharron 0825535258

Monday 5 June 2017

Armageddon Trip & SRT training

Hi everyone,

We're doing Armageddon this Sunday!

Meet at 9 o'clock on the 11th of June at the crossing of the N12 and R28.
26°20'30.58"S & 27°40'21.02"E
You need to be able to SRT to join the trip!

So, we're doing SRT training on Saturday the 10th of June at John & Selena's house.
26°20'43.83"S & 27°58'45.62"E
SRT training will be from 14:00 to 17:00.

Let John know if you are joining - 073 985 8068 and if you need gear or have questions etc. 

Tuesday 9 May 2017

SASA Bulletin 43-2017 Special Edition

Hello again everyone,

In addition to bulletin 42 that came out recently, there is also a special edition bulletin 43! It covers one of the most stunning caves found in the last few years as well as the discovery of the largest underground lake in South Africa!

SASA Bulletin 42-2017

SASA Bulletin 43-2017



SASA Bulletin 42-2017

Hello everyone,

A new SASA Bulletin is ready for download.

A special thanks to Colin Redmayne-Smith for editing another great looking bulletin!

Thanks to all the contributors.

Download from the link below:

SASA Bulletin 42-2017

PS, more to come soon!

Monday 8 May 2017

River Passage Cave - 14 May

Hello everyone,

On Sunday there will be a trip to River Passage Cave, a stunning cave discovered by the Potch Potholers. The upper level of the cave is relatively easy to get into, but then there is a very difficult narrow vertical crack that must be negotiated to get into the main and lower parts of the cave, so that part of the cave will be for members only. 
 For those not going into the lower levels, Gerrie will look at various other caves and sinkholes on the property. At least one has a very interesting blowing hole that could lead into a second River Passage Cave!

Meet at Oaktree Garage at 08:30. Limited parking at the cave, so we will have to leave some cars at the garage.

Bring SRT kits to get into lower levels.

For visitors see this link:
If you need gear let us know.

Unfortunately there won't be time for a braai.

Numbers are limited, so please send me a message on 083 212 0817 if you want to join this trip.



Wednesday 19 April 2017

Chimanimani 2017

Hello everyone,
We are considering a return expedition to the caves in Chimanimani in Zimbabwe around the middle of October 2017. This is still within the their dry months and should be plenty warmer than August last year!
The main focus will be to explore the newly discovered and only briefly explored Tartarus Cave. Depening on how that goes, other options will be to push question marks in known caves such as Bounding Pot, Black Crystal Abyss and Mawenge Mwena. Then of course, for those who want some time on the surface, there are plenty of potential areas to explore to find new caves!
The current idea is to leave early on Saturday the 14th, arrive that evening in Chimanimani, hike up to the camp site on the 15th. Then spend five days on the mountain and hike down on the 21st and drive back the 22nd.
This is very flexible and if there is interest some can stay longer. 
Costs are estimated at around R10,000 per person, depending on numbers and final dates etc.
If you are at all interested in going, perhaps even as a hiker, please let myself (083 212 0817) or John Dickie (073 985 8068) know.

Sunday 2 April 2017

Chaos/Crystal Weekend

Hello everyone,

John is organising a trip to Chaos and possibly Crystal Caves over the weekend of the 7th to 9th of April.

Arrive Friday afternoon to rig cave entrances, cave Saturday and Sunday before leaving for home.

Rough camping with no facilities other than an old spider infested house you can stay in. So bring everything you need, including water and a spade...

The caves require SRT skills and therefore it is a members only trip. If you haven't SRT'd before bribe me with food and beer to teach you (083 212 0817).

If you are planning on going or want more info contact John at 073 985 8068.

See you next week,


Monday 27 February 2017

Sunflower Fund Donation

Dear SEC Members

In memory of long-time SEC member and Immediate-Past Chairman, Peter Andrew Kenyon, who passed away on 3 December 2016, our Club will be supporting the Sunflower Fund. We have decided to sponsor up to five club members who wishes to join the bone marrow registry and save future lives. It costs R2000 to join the registry, and there are some stringent requirements. Please read the information in the link if you are interested. 
If you would like to take up this life-saving opportunity sponsored by SEC, please confirm with our Treasurer Vanja Ingold at The procedure is to check with Vanja if you are one of the first five, then go ahead and do the necessary and SEC will refund you the cost of R2000. Please note that this invitation is open to all SEC members, your family and friends.
John Dickie

Monday 13 February 2017

Cave Rescue Practise 18 February

Hello everyone,

For those interested, there will be a cave rescue practise this Saturday.

The plan for this practise session will be to initiate a mock callout for a missing caver, organise the gathering of people and equipment at the cave and then search for the missing caver and rescue him.

So the cave location will not be made known until Saturday morning. At around 7:30 one of the SEC committee members will receive a call with the information and a callout will be initiated.

If you are interested in joining this session, please let me know!


083 212 0817

Friday 3 February 2017

Nico's II - 12 February

Hello everyone,
I'm planning a trip to Nico's II on Sunday the 12th of February.
Definitely a members only trip as the cave is described as very sporty!
Expect everything from ladders, to long muddy pitches to fun little crawls. 

The cave has a number of possibilities for new discoveries that I want to go check out.
Meet at Oak Tree Garage at 08:30. High ground clearance is required to get to the cave, so we can leave some vehicles at Oak Tree and drive together from there.

The trip is expected to be a long one, so unfortunately no braai afterwards.
Let me know if you are joining us.
083 212 0817

Tuesday 3 January 2017

Wonderfontein 8 January

Hello everyone,

To kick off the year we will do a trip to Wonderfontein on the 8th of January.

New cavers are welcome to join, as long as you can swim!

Meet at 09:00 at the Caltex garage on the R500 as you enter Carletonville from the Northern side. 26°20'17.78"S & 27°23'18.03"E

If this is you first time caving, have a look at

Let John Dickie know if you are joining the trip and if you need any gear - 073 985 8068