Thursday 3 August 2023

Hidden Cave 13 Aug

The next club trip will be on the 13th of August at Hidden Cave which is just north of Carletonville. The trip is open to visitors, although preference will be given to members depending on how many people are interested. We will probably split up into two or more groups based on numbers, interest and ability. There are also a few other caves and sinkholes to visit in the area if the cave gets too crowded!

Hidden Cave is not too difficult and no ropework is required, although there are a few small sections and climbs to navigate including a rope ladder. A small entrance in a shallow sinkhole leads to a large cone-shaped collapse. The Waikiki Dancer formations in the bottom chamber are unique to South Africa and definitely worth seeing, while Termite City and the Squeezeball section are also interesting areas to visit.

The cost to visitors is R100 and free to members. We will meet across the road from Red Cap Ranch at 9:00 and drive to the cave from there where we will park in the veld next to the entrance.

The meet leader is Dirk van Rooyen.