Tuesday 9 May 2017

SASA Bulletin 43-2017 Special Edition

Hello again everyone,

In addition to bulletin 42 that came out recently, there is also a special edition bulletin 43! It covers one of the most stunning caves found in the last few years as well as the discovery of the largest underground lake in South Africa!

SASA Bulletin 42-2017

SASA Bulletin 43-2017



SASA Bulletin 42-2017

Hello everyone,

A new SASA Bulletin is ready for download.

A special thanks to Colin Redmayne-Smith for editing another great looking bulletin!

Thanks to all the contributors.

Download from the link below:

SASA Bulletin 42-2017

PS, more to come soon!

Monday 8 May 2017

River Passage Cave - 14 May

Hello everyone,

On Sunday there will be a trip to River Passage Cave, a stunning cave discovered by the Potch Potholers. The upper level of the cave is relatively easy to get into, but then there is a very difficult narrow vertical crack that must be negotiated to get into the main and lower parts of the cave, so that part of the cave will be for members only. 
 For those not going into the lower levels, Gerrie will look at various other caves and sinkholes on the property. At least one has a very interesting blowing hole that could lead into a second River Passage Cave!

Meet at Oaktree Garage at 08:30. Limited parking at the cave, so we will have to leave some cars at the garage.

Bring SRT kits to get into lower levels.

For visitors see this link:
If you need gear let us know.

Unfortunately there won't be time for a braai.

Numbers are limited, so please send me a message on 083 212 0817 if you want to join this trip.