Monday 7 November 2022

Chaos Trip - 13th of November

 Hi everyone! We are planning a trip to Chaos on the 13th of November with the purpose of showing this awesome cave to members who haven't had the opportunity yet. Only open to SRT proficient SEC members. The cave is a scramble down a slope in a collapsed sink hole with a 2 pitch SRT climb down into the main cave. The last pitch is down a narrow fault crevasse with the sides being only 1000mm wide (if I remember correctly), with a rogue bolt or two ready to catch those who fail their perception checks.
The cave is past Carletonville towards Potchefstroom. So I'll advise if possible, and for those willing, to carpool. We all have to enter and leave the farm at the same time.
Expect 6-8 hours (unless we do a speed run). Places are limited for those who don't have SRT kits, (We only have so many to go around). Please PM me if you would like to join.