Tuesday 31 October 2023

Spain Rescue Conference June 2024


 Hello everyone,

SEC has been invited to attend the International Cave Rescue Conference 2024. This event will be held in Cantabria, Spain from the 5th to 9th of June 2024.

The cost of the conference is 80 Euros per person (which incudes basic accommodation, food and conference fees). SEC will be paying this cost for any member who would like to attend the conference.

Of course, the biggest expense is getting to Spain and back home... We can fund a portion of these costs for active members. How much we will fund will depend on how active you have been over the previous 12 months, but we cannot fund all of these costs.

The conference itself looks very interesting and allows for visits to world famous archaeological sites as well as some beautiful and deep caves. See PDF below.

Details on the conference


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