Wednesday 19 April 2017

Chimanimani 2017

Hello everyone,
We are considering a return expedition to the caves in Chimanimani in Zimbabwe around the middle of October 2017. This is still within the their dry months and should be plenty warmer than August last year!
The main focus will be to explore the newly discovered and only briefly explored Tartarus Cave. Depening on how that goes, other options will be to push question marks in known caves such as Bounding Pot, Black Crystal Abyss and Mawenge Mwena. Then of course, for those who want some time on the surface, there are plenty of potential areas to explore to find new caves!
The current idea is to leave early on Saturday the 14th, arrive that evening in Chimanimani, hike up to the camp site on the 15th. Then spend five days on the mountain and hike down on the 21st and drive back the 22nd.
This is very flexible and if there is interest some can stay longer. 
Costs are estimated at around R10,000 per person, depending on numbers and final dates etc.
If you are at all interested in going, perhaps even as a hiker, please let myself (083 212 0817) or John Dickie (073 985 8068) know.


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  2. Hey :) I was part of the 1992 expedition and led the 1993 expedition. I've been down most of them including Mawenge Mwena. If you want some insights in preparation for your trip this year, I'd be happy to share them. You can call me on 082 882 5584. And I'm very interested to know more about Tartarus! The geology there supports a lot more depth and I'd love to see an expedition break through the "glass floor", being the common depth level across all the shafts. I see there was an expedition last year also - very keen to hear about that... JP Le Roux