Wednesday 2 December 2015

Armageddon Cave - 13 December

Hello everyone,

We are going back to Armageddon on the 13th of December. Some of us will be going to the back of the cave to continue scaling the mudwall and hopefully extend the cave. What else will happen depends on group size and who is going - there are still places which need to be explored, pushed and surveyed.

The trip is only open to SRT proficient members. Trips are usually very long, so be prepared.

Meet at the corner of the R28 and N14 at 08:15 or at the cave at 08:30 on Sunday the 13th of December.

RSVP with John Dickie at 073 985 8068 if you are joining us and let him know if you need any equipment - SRT kits are limited.

See you there,


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  1. Hi I belong to the metel detecting SA group. Do you believe that there could be any old relics of some sort down there? I would really be interested to join you there and have a look.