Friday 20 November 2015

Upcoming trips for 2016

Hi everyone,
Here is a list of upcoming trips for 2016:

13th December 2015 Armageddon  (John Dickie)
10th January 2016 Wonderfontein (John Dickie)
14th February 2016 Nico’s 2 (Steven Tucker)
13th March 2016 NH3/Summerville Caverns (Steven Tucker)
10th April 2016 Climbers Cave (Gerrie Pretorius)
8th May 2016 Chaos Cave (John Dickie)
12th June Various Sink-holes (Gerrie Pretorius)

25th – 28th March 2016 Echo Cave and others in the vicinity (John Dickie)
27th April – 1st May 2016 Gobholo, Swaziland (Sharron Reynolds)

Remember you can still download the SASA bulletin at:

SASA Bulletin Vol 41 2015 Final.pdf

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