Saturday 4 March 2023

Chaos Cave Trip - Weekend trip - 18th to 21st March


Hi everyone 😁

We have a very exciting trip to Chaos coming up! We shall be doing a long weekend trip and staying over at the farm and hopefully will even stay one night in the cave itself ðŸĪĐthis is our 4th largest known cave in the country and absolutely stunning!!!! The trip plan is to work on bolting some routes that we would like to climb and explore, including the new section of cave where the maypole was found - huge potential for a large new section of unknown cave. We will also explore the cave and try and see as much as possible while we are there.

We have planned for the weekend of the 18th and 19th of March and have permission to stay over for the weekend, as well as having asked for permission for the 20th and 21st as well since the 21st is  a public holiday and most of us are getting a long weekend. We will have free access in and out of the property, and so if anyone is unable to stay for the full duration of the trip, you may leave early.

If we don't get access for the 20th and 21st, don't worry 😉ðŸĪŠSteve and I are planning to find secondary options in the area to keep the weekend full!

Please contact Steve, Ed or myself if you are interested in the trip.

Please also note that this trip is for SRT proficient members only - the cave is not without its risks and it will be a hard trip with a lot going on, but loads of fun!😁 We have created a group for everyone interested to join, and we will post relative info for trip planning there.

Look forward to hearing from you all ðŸ˜


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