Saturday 5 May 2018

Upcoming Caving trip to Nick's Cave

Club Caving Trip to "Nick's Cave"
For our usual 2nd Sunday of every month caving trip this month (13 May)
We will be going to Nick's Cave, or as it is was originally named: David's Cave.

The Cave has an extension, discovered many years ago, but the path leading to the extension is not known anymore, and we will yet again attempt to rediscover this extension with this trip.

The caving trip is open to visitors, BUT the entrance is a vertical pitch of more or less 10m.
We will set up a ladder with a belay for cavers that is not SRT proficient, Or otherwise, you can just abseil down if you have the necessary skills for that.
If you are a  joining us, please notify me if you want to join and if you need any equipment eg. helmet and or light.  (Gerrie Pretorius 0784234261)

The cave can be dusty, so a dust mask or buff is recommended.

The cave is situated near Koster, and we will be meeting at the Total Garage as you enter Koster on the left at 9am.
As usual, we will not be waiting for latecomers, so don't be late.

For directions and exact location for meeting place, check out this map:

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