Monday 31 October 2016

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- Message from the organiser:
Dear all,
you are receiving this email, because you either have expressed your interest in participating to next years expedition to Swaziland or because you have participated earlier.
As you might have seen on the blog or facebook, I started checking dates, availability of accommodation, local transport etc. Unfortunately it's a bit slow to get responses. We will either rent a bus and a car (for exploring other areas for caves) or we might be able to borrow a bus (with hopefully functioning brakes - the first year we had a few interesting experiences on the road ;)) and then only need one car.
What will be different from the previous expedition will be that we will stay in Ezulwini, not at the Kapholo estate. This means a (rather low) fee for either bed in a hostel or camping will have to be paid. Everybody will also provide for their own food as we are staying in the village. You can of course in that case cook yourself in the hostel, or we eat out.
The time will be 10 days in end of June/beginning of July, depending still on a few circumstances I am waiting answer on.
What I would need from you is
- are you still interested in participating?
- is the time suitable?
- do you have mapping experience?
- are you member of a caving club and which one?
- Nationality and age
To get an idea about the costs yourself, I encourage you to check flights to see what they will end up at and transport to Ezulwini. If you fly to Jo'burg, you can get a bus to Mbabane and from there either a local bus to Ezulwini (which is an experience!) or we can arrange for a pick-up. I might be there a day or two before everyone else.
Last time we cooked ourselves and kept the costs down by doing that. To eat in a "normal" place is about 50-70 R per person, to eat in a more expensive place about the double. You also need to calculate for water - 1,5 around 17 R, so basically I would say the cost of living (food that is) is comparable to live cheap in Europe:
Cost of Living in Swaziland
Cost of Living in Mbabane, Swaziland. Jan 2016 prices in Mbabane.
Please get back to me about the questions above, I hope I can sort out living and transport the next few weeks.

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