Sunday 10 July 2016

SEC Chimanimani Expedition 2016

Dear SEC Members

Our efforts to bring the club to new lows are well underway.

So far there are 6 SEC members, one Zim climber and one Canadian caver on the team. We have Hilti sponsoring the drills and fasteners, and we are hiring solar panels etc. to charge the batteries.

The plan is to drive straight to Chimanimani, with a pleasant interlude at Beit Bridge. Thereafter we expect to be warmly welcomed by the local police from time to time.

It is a 2 day hike up to Turret Towers and we will be spending 12 days up the mountain camping in a remote and stunning area, see

Our main objective is to find and survey new caves in the area, as well as descend Mawenge Mawena(305m), get to rock bottom and start digging.
Any SEC members wishing to join still, let me know immediately. The cost is approximately R3 000 per person plus transport and food. You will need camping gear, caving gear and your passport.  An important thing to pack is your great sense of humour as this trip promises to be challenging!
Dates: 7 – 24 August 2016.

John Dickie

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