Sunday 26 July 2015

Batcave, evening of 24 July 2015 - By Jannus van der Walt

I was under the impression that Batcave will be a dry-cave, but this was not the case…. Actually the 200m walk from the garage where we parked to the entrance through pouring rain, was the wet part… the cave dry and warm.

As I have never visited this cave, I joined Gerry Pretorius and 5 other cavers to this magical place. Yes, that was my expectation from read-ups and other’s comments, and they were not wrong. Batcave officially became my new favourite cave to explore. A combination of big caverns, long wide passages you can walk and explore, narrow passages requiring you to eat dirt, together with climbs and drops requiring you to hang on for dear life…not to mention a very exciting fixed steel-cable ladder – a cave that provides something for all enthusiasts!

With the group being pretty small (7 in total) we had to opportunity to explore all over the cave. Some nice crawls and slides as well as spectacular rock formations and a huge wall with flowstone formations left us with some spectacular images from the cave.  Batcave is however one of those caves where you will do quite a bit of squeezing and crawling. I will therefore advise for you to leave the backpacks at the entrance as this will hinder you with your progress through these spectacular passages.

Batcave did not disappoint and I cannot wait to go back and explore even more of this magical place!
Thanks to Gerrie Pretorius, Hani Williams, David Groenewald, and the other 3 gentleman of which I cannot remember their names at this point, apologies. Till the next adventure….

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