Friday 20 February 2015

Hidden Cave

An old favourite of the club was revisited on this Sunday 8th Feb. Myself, Steve Tucker and Gerrie Pretorius met five students to visit Hidden Cave. Four of the students were studying geology so they were in for a treat in this cave. Only Steve opted for the squeeze beyond the ladder drop on the return whilst the rest of us belayed down to start the descent. The stromatalite formations on the roof were noted. Steve and Gerrie went of to unsuccessfully find the Termite City and we continued the climb down, admiring the formations until finally arriving at the Waikiki dancers. They are still as interesting as ever and the same as the first time I saw them 20 years ago. The climb out found us taking a few false turns but after much huffing and puffing we were at the ladder and ready for the fresh air.


Pete Kenyon

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