Sunday 25 January 2015

Armageddon Update

Yesterday (24 January 2015) SEC have concluded the surveying of Armageddon cave for now.

The Bathole was pushed to a depth of 216m and another 219m was added to the survey from the right hand extension of the Bathole.

To reach this point, 6 SRT pitches have to be negotiated. probably the only cave in South-Africa where you have this many mandatory pitches to reach the bottom of a section.

Probably another South-African record, although this can't be confirmed: SEC had 3 different surveying teams running around the cave on the same trip! All equipped with the latest and greatest surveying technology for caves.

What remains is for the team to finish the drawing of the survey and then we can publish!

by Gerrie Pretorius

Dirty equipment after the bolting process

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