Monday 1 December 2014

2015 Meetlist

Hi all,

Here’s our official meet list up to June next year. Don’t forget to check Yahoo and Facebook for last-minute changes and additional trips that will arise.

Stay strong and well,


Meet List:
December 14th Armageddon Cave survey. Leader: Gerrie Pretorius
January 11th Wonderfontein Cave. Leader: John Dickie
February 8th Hidden Cave. Leader: Steven Tucker
March 8th Nico’s II Cave. Leader: John Dickie
April 3rd – 6th Swaziland trip. Leaders: Peter Kenyon and Sharron Reynolds
April 27th To be advised. Leader: Peter Kenyon
May 10th NH3 Cave and/or Summerville Caverns. Leader: Peter Kenyon
June 14th Sink holes old and new. Leaders: Gerrie Pretorius and Colin Redmayne-Smith

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