Saturday 6 September 2014

September Caving Trip

Hi All

Next Sunday, 14th September, John Dickie will be leading a trip to Hidden Cave. This one has a tight squeezy entrance, a cramped rope-ladder descent, scary open and exposed climbs descending 70 metres to the unique forms of the ‘Waikiki Dancers’ – all the great things about caving! For those who have not been to this cave before it will be a very special experience. And it you have been before take time to check out all the hidden holes in the bottom section and, if you are skinny and brave, maybe ‘Squeezeball Extension’ and other tight squeezes below the ladder climb.

Accompanied visitors are welcome on this trip but, as always, inform John if you will be going, if you will be bringing visitors and if you need any equipment. Contact John before Friday 12th 3.0pm.

The meeting point will be the Filling Station on the R500, at the northern edge of Oberholzer/Carletonville, about a kilometre short of the Khutsong/ The Oog crossroads. Time: 9.30am to give all you late-risers time to wake up.

There will probably be a braai afterwards so don’t forget your chairs, food and drinks. Have fun.

Kind regards, Dave

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