Thursday 12 December 2013

Scramblers Cave

By André Doussy 12 December 2013

On 8 December 2013 a large team of cavers were assembled at the entrance to the cave at about 08h30: Steven Tucker, Dave Ingold, Irene Kruger, Allen Herweg, Rick Hunter, Zoë Rosen, Sam Gibson, Veronica van der Schyff, Ashley Kruger, Pete Kenyon, Esti Van Der Westhuizen and myself. There were also three others whose names I don't recall.

Dave headed in first to set up the ladders for the long climb while Pete gave the new cavers the pre-caving trip speech outside the cave. Everyone managed the ladder and exposed climb without difficulty.

André Doussy squeezing through a hole
While Steven and Rick went exploring the tiny holes, Dave lead myself and a few others, mostly the geology students, to the very end of the cave and showed us some interesting sights in the cave. Dave states: "This cave is so special for its rock formations, mostly sea-bed ripples on the ceilings and unusual curvature to the arches."

After the nice long climb out the cave and the pace at which Dave moves, I was feeling nearly as faded as my warn out overall and we had a nice long braai afterwards, the beer was plenty. All in all it was a good caving trip.

Everyone having a nice braai afterwards
All photos were taken by Allen Herweg.

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