Caving Emergencies:
Below is a list with the contact details of the SEC committee. In the event of any caving related emergency please contact the persons on the list below, starting at the top of the list until you get in touch with a committee member. 
Download this list and print it. Keep a copy in your vehicle and give a copy to a non-caving family member. 
Emergency Contact List - 2020

SASA Bulletins:
SEC has a long history of caving and along with the CPSS, CERAC and Potch Potholers have produced many bulletins about cave exploration in Southern Africa. 
Below are links to the latest SASA Bulletins:

SASA Bulletin 41-2015

SASA Bulletin 42-2017

SASA Bulletin 43-2017 

SASA Bulletin 45-2017

Caving Guides:
During 2016 the SEC committee tested the idea of having a peer review system to validate the skill set of its cavers. However very little response was received from the members of the club, so it was never really implemented. It did however lead to a very useful guide on caving, which you can download from the link below:

Download Horizontal Caver Manual

Other very useful information on caving include:

Alpine Caving Techniques
C.N.S.A.S. Manual on Cave Rescue

Life on a Line

Cave Geology

Cave Minerals of the World

The Biology of Caves and Other Subterranean Habitats

CDC - Histoplasmosis Fact Sheet

On Station

UIS Cave Mapping Grades

BCRA Cave Survey Grades

M Class Surveys and Cave Length