New Cavers

New to caving?

What is caving?
Caving - also occasionally known as Spelunking or Potholing - is the recreational pastime of exploring wild (generally non-commercial) cave systems.

Trips by SEC involve the following:
  • Revisiting known cave systems.
  • Pushing the limits of known cave systems by digging or bolting possible extensions. 
  • Searching for and exploring new cave systems. 
  • Occasionally visiting deeper parts of commercial caves not open to the public.

Specific Caving Activities:
  • Walking through the caves.
  • Squeezing through parts of the cave (Variants include getting stuck).
  • Climbing - this may involve smaller or longer climbs depending on the cave.
  • Vertical Rope work - using SRT (Single Rope Technique) skills.
  • Crawling (variants include rolling, sliding on your bum or back)
  • Swimming (variants include tubing or rowing or freediving)
  • Mapping and Surveying of Caves

What do you need for your first caving trip?
  • Let the meet leader know whether you are joining a trip and what equipment you need.
  • You must be 16 years or older, unless your parents are members of SEC. 
  • A climbing helmet - the club can lend this to you if don't have one.
  • A head light - if you really don't have your own, the club might have extra... but these are probably old and crappy. 
  • 3 AAA batteries if you are using the club's head light.
  • An Overall or old clothes - these need to be comfortable to allow movement and long sleeved to protect arms, knees and elbows.
  • The caves are generally not cold so a single layer of clothing is enough. 
  • Closed shoes - tekkies, safety boots, miners' boots, hiking boots, trail running shoes all work well.
  • Water and Food and a small bag to carry this in if you are joining us on a longer trip.
  • A car with high ground clearance as caves tend to be away from tarred roads and cavers don't like walking far to get to the caves. Your car will probably be parked next to a cave in the middle of a random field for hours and hours - so don't leave anything valuable inside it. 
  • R100 as this is the day member's fee.  

  • Water and Food and a small bag to carry this in if you are joining us in a short trip.
  • A dust mask, especially for certain caves. 
  • Gloves to protect your hands.
  • Knee Guards and Elbow Guards.
  • Camera - preferably one that is protected from the elements.
  • Something to braai afterwards and something to drink during the braai. 

How do I join a trip?

Please refer to the meetlist for a list of caving trips.

Please refer to the contact us page for the contact details.